Domestika Photorealism for Interior Spaces with Lumion

Photorealism for Interior Spaces with Lumion
A course by Angular Lab , Architectural Visualization Studio

Create stunning, photorealistic images of indoor spaces from scratch using different types of lighting in Lumion
Want to create stunning images of indoor spaces in 3D? Learn how to do exactly that with architects Emely Córdova and Charles Infante, cofounders of the architectural visualization studio Angular Lab. They show you how to work with rendering engine Lumion to produce photorealistic images and take your projects to the next level.

In this course, Angular Lab teaches you the basics of photorealism for interior design, composition, and the many possible ways to set your scene. They teach you how to infuse your space with atmosphere, as well as apply textures and materials. To finish, they focus on the effects that can truly breathe life into your designs.





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