Boris FX Optics 2022 5 0 11 Win x64

The definitive tool box for image editing and photo based visual effects. Created by Academy Award-winning effects artists, Optics brings Hollywood film quality lighting and lens effects, curated film looks, and realistic particle creation tools to photographers. 174 unique filters and 1000’s of creative imaging presets in 10 categories: Color , Diffusion/Blurs , Film Lab , Grads/Tints , Image , Lens/Distort , Light , Render , Stylize , and new Particle Illusion.

Particles for Photo Editing
New! Optics now includes the Particle Illusion category. A fast and easy-to-use particle engine designed to create photoreal effects and unlimited creative elements. Featuring 1700+ particle presets to enhance your photo editing including: Smoke, Fire, Water, Sparkles, Explosions, Dust, Sci-Fi, and many more.

The Best Lighting Effects
Explore the largest collection of procedural lens flares, lighting, gobos, and particle effects for photography. Why use stock footage elements when you can design, edit, and save your own libraries of presets and favorites? Combine and build your own library of presets and favorites. Everything in Optics is procedural for creative control.

Trusted By Pro VFX Artists
Optics features plugins and filters regularly used on famous films and television shows. Top tools from the Boris FX Suite are included in Optics to help produce professional looking images. Includes Lens Flares, Light Rays, Ultra Zap (lightning), UltraGlow, Light Leaks, and many more from the popular Boris FX Sapphire collection and Continuum’s Beauty Studio.

Physical Camera Qualities
Whether it is historical film stocks, color grading, or lens and diffusion effects, Optics is the only Photoshop filter designed to emulate the physical characteristics of optical camera filters. Add beauty and depth to your digital images with diffusion filters like Mist, Fog, Net, Halo, and more. New Beauty Studio filter simplifies detail separation techniques for subtle skin retouching!

Packed with Effect Presets
– 600+ historical film stocks and film looks including color grades from famous Hollywood films
– 126 optical lens flare presets from Boris FX Sapphire
– 800+ Gobo lighting patterns
– 1700+ particle presets including Abstracts, Dust, Smoke, Fire, and more

Masking and Paint Tools
Optics features powerful masking and paint tools to replace backgrounds, isolate effects, or fix and touch up pixels.

– EZ Mask with gestural stroke based masking
– Gradient, Spot, Path, Snap, Selection, and Paint mask types
– Combine multiple masks using blend modes
– Paint, clone, and blur with support for Wacom tablets

Explore Graphic Design
Apply Optics to text to create stunning graphics and inspired style frames. Optics also includes multiple generator and texture effects to design unique backgrounds and graphic elements.



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