ArtStation Ultimate Tutorial Character Creation for VFX by Lukas Kutschera


This Tutorial has 2 GOALS:

1) Practical: Show a Precise Workflow You can follow with the Character Design of your choice, resulting in a strong Portfolio Piece.

2) Theory: Outline the more general Principles, Design Rules, and Key Skills to create appealing 3d Art

What you get:

– a total of 17+ Hours of video

– Narrated tutorial, discussing Design Principles, Rules & Character Art Skills

– Illustrations and Explanation with Examples

– Timelapse Footage

– PDF ‚Cheat Sheets‘ for Quick Access to the information

– My Ebook ‚Sculpting a realistic Head in Zbrush: A Beginner‘s Guide’

– Zbrush Project Files

– Skin Detail Brushes

Video Content:

1) Reference Collection + Creation

2) Facial Modeling (Leveraging Scan Data)

3) Body Block out

4) Secondary Shapes

5) Tertiary Shapes + Surfacing in Zbrush

6) Accessories Creation using Zmodeler and other Tools

7) Skin Detailing + Surfacing in Zbrush

8) Texturing in Substance Painter

9) Grooming with Xgen, Shader Setup, and Rendering different AOVs/Render Passes in Maya

10) Compositing Render Passes in Photoshop





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