Domestika 3D Self Portrait Creation for Social Media in Cinema 4D

3D Self-Portrait Creation for Social Media in Cinema 4D
A course by YIPPIEHEY , Illustrator

Discover the world of character design by creating an expressive portrait filled with detail and texture using 3D modeling techniques

Character design takes on a whole new meaning when 3D modeling techniques are involved—especially when it’s a playful self-portrait. Using the digital tools of Cinema 4D, Jacob Eisinger, creates charming characters filled with rich detail and expression. Also known under his online alias YIPPIEHEY, he has worked with brands like Apple, Samsung, Adobe, Wired, and The Washington Post.

In this course, Jacob gives you a complete walk through of character design and 3D modeling by creating a custom avatar of yourself. He takes you step by step through the process, from the initial sketch to modeling and rendering the final design in Cinema 4D.





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