ArtStation KT ModelingToolSet for Maya

ArtStation – KT ModelingToolSet for Maya

ArtStation – KT ModelingToolSet for Maya

A collection of useful tools that help save time for modeling. 30 + Tools/Function in total and growing…

With useful tools like Quad Corner Connect, Straighten Edgeloops, Grow selection by Angle…. and more.

KTHolePuncher and KTpolyPanelExtract is also included in this collection.

Please download the latest version.

HOTFIX version 1.3.1

included missing ktSelectPattern and getComponentID script

UPDATE version 1.3

Added Bevel Vertex function – currently only works with Border Corner vertices

Added Dot Loop and Dot Ring pattern selection

Fixed missing link for icons in shelf

Fixed Quad End shelf button

Fixed ktPolyPanelExtract being disabled on launch


Fixed Fan Wedge Bug

Add Pivot Tools – Set World Pivot, Match PIvots, Set Pivot To Min Y


Fixed Missing getTransformFromComponent.mel prevented script from launching.

Fixed ktPolyPanelExtract button from getting Greyed out.

Download links:






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