CGTrader PolyDamage for Blender

CGTrader – PolyDamage for Blender

CGTrader – PolyDamage for Blender (Included Light Bulb Model)

PolyDamage for Blender is the official Blender version of the original PolyDamage plugin for 3dsMax.

PolyDamage is a tool to quickly add damage and imperfections to models.

Nothing is perfect in real life, so adding damage to your models make them look more realistic.
PolyDamage is a quick alternative to manually sculpting damage with other software packages.
PolyDamage adds an extra realism to concrete walls, grounds, stones, columns.
PolyDamage quickly adds damage to corners and edges.
Since it is procedural, you can make millions of damage variations of one single object.
You can save the seed value of damage and next time you can get the same result with this seed value.
You can adjust the parameters and adjust the depth of damage, or edge damage amount.
Adjust the resolution slider to increase the level of detail in damaged areas.
PolyDamage only works well on closed meshes, a simple solidify modifier before can do the job for certain cases.

It works with Blender 2.91 and upper

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