Sketching Tutorial Pure Beauty Characters EPUB

Sketching Tutorial – Pure Beauty Characters (EPUB)

Sketching Tutorial – Pure Beauty Characters.
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09N9R44NS | 640 pages | EPUB | 25 Mb

You can learn to sketch not only from the boring plaster body, but also from your close friends! Don’t think that sketching is difficult, but if you study this book and practice it, you will be able to sketch easily! This book is divided into 9 parts, from the most basic sketching knowledge, to the drawing method of various kinds of people around you, cute loli, beautiful girls, handsome men …… book with rich detailed step by step for you to explain. In addition, the book also highlights the middle and difficult points that you need to understand and master in the process of drawing.
You may not have any basic sketching skills, but if you pick up a brush, you can learn the skills of pencil sketching in this book from easy to deep. This book is suitable for those who have no basic sketching skills, but also for those who have some basic sketching skills.

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