ArtStation Hair Strand Designer V1 68 2

ArtStation – Hair Strand Designer V1.68.2

ArtStation – Hair Strand Designer V1.68.2


A simple tool for generating 4k texture maps for game ready characters created by an artist for artists alike!

Demo version features no export options, however you can manually print-screen the renders at 1024 x 1024 px.
Full version allows exports and are 4096 x 4096 px.

FREE full 4k Sample Textures included.

The SIMPLEST solution for generating hair textures at a one off cost, perpetual license. Buy it now, UPDATES FREE FOREVER!

Minimal Memory Usage (Works on 4GB machines)
Pixel based strand generation (no 3D strip-based cut-through issues)
Works great for any hair-card workflows and renderers such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Marmoset Toolbag, Blender to name a few.
Frequent updates with planned features and future versions made free to current buyers, no extra costs.
4k Support
Can render up to 1100 strands. Please render each pass individually and export each map thereafter if you see crashing due to memory overloading, this can also happen if you have extra Ram.
Move window around by dragging the top area or Alt-Tab to switch applications. Minimise function was causing textures to be cleared, something I have not managed to resolve.
After changing a slider or a colour, please wait a few seconds for the previewer to update. You can use the Fast, Medium or Slow mode buttons to improve this speed as it will show less preview strands. Fast mode will be the fastest but less strands previewed. Always do a test render with Color Map enabled.
HSD will auto save after you release the mouse-button, this will be the file it may ask for when you launch it.
Added Heart icon so you can see the ‘pulse’ of the software. If it is still, be patient, don’t click as it can upset the intense rendering or file saving.

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