Gumroad Mystery Shack Stylized 3D Diorama Tutorial

Learn how I made this!

This is an 8 part video series demonstrating the creation of this 3D diorama from scratch. This was originally fan art made for the 10 year anniversary of the series, Gravity Falls. After many requests about how this was created, I decided to make a tutorial covering the step by step process. Here’s the original post: Mystery Shack Diorama

This tutorial series primarily demonstrates the process of hand-painting textures in Photoshop that are then applied to 3D mesh using the projection mapping technique in Blender. I have been a professional 2D artist for most of my career and my 3D skills are enthusiast level at best. As a 2D artist I primarily know how to evaluate the success and failure of my work as a flat image in a frame. While this diorama is 3D, it mostly operates as a 2D image with limited camera motion. I like projection painting because I can lean on my 2D skillset with a little 3D dimensionality for added effect – I suppose one definition of 2.5D.





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