Udemy Design Prototype A Mobile Ui Ux Experience Learn Figma

Udemy – Design & Prototype A Mobile Ui/Ux Experience – Learn Figma

In this class you will download a figma file and I will walk you through step-by-step, how to create a mobile protoype

What you’ll learn
Introduction on figma design tool & tips on using the tool
Download the figma file with all the designs that you see in the video
How to create a clickable & sharable prototype
Create a component library
Learn mobile transitions, menu transition, overlays and modals
Learn smart animate
How to export assets for engineering and how to inspect code within figma
Learn the best quick keys to use
How to install Figma plugins, list of top plugins and gui kits
Best practices on collaboration within figma
How to comment and view comments
Anyone and any level – best for beginners
In this class, I have created a figma file for you to download and I will walk you through step-by-step, how to create a fully-functional prototype using the design tool Figma. Here is the class agenda:Intro to Figma design tool & file walkthroughHow to design a login & signup experienceHow to design a shopping experienceHow to design checkout experienceHow to design profile & order history screensHow to create & use a component libraryHow to create & share a clickable prototype + smart animate and other transition effectsHow to invite others & collaboration in figmaHow to export UI assets & inspect code for engineeringFigma keyboard short cutsHow to use figma plugins & GUI KitsHow to create comments & review comments in figmaFinal thoughts & going forward


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 2-Class intro to figma & Download the class file

Lecture 2 3 – Designing the login & sign up screens + component creation + prototyping

Lecture 3 4 – Designing the shopping experience

Lecture 4 5 – Designing the checkout experience

Lecture 5 6 – Designing the profile screens

Lecture 6 7 – Collaborating with others & exporting UI assets for engineering

Lecture 7 8 Keyboard shortcuts+plugins+GUI kits

Lecture 8 9 Commenting & final thoughts

Lecture 9 Bonus Video 1 – Dissolve, Delay, and Move-in & Move-out prototype features

Lecture 10 Bonus Videos 2 – Overlays, Modals, and Menu prototype features

Lecture 11 Bonus Videos 3 – Smart Animate, Builder a Loader, and Horizontal/Vertical scroll

Lecture 12 Bonus Videos 4 – Scroll to, Component Variants, and Interactive Component

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