Gumroad STEPper Add on for Blender 3 1

Gumroad – STEPper Add-on for Blender 3.1+

Gumroad – STEPper Add-on for Blender 3.1+

Addon for importing STEP files directly into Blender 2.80+. The produced mesh is a triangulation of the underlying surface with normals built from the shape.
Requires Windows 10 64-bit, Blender 2.8+ with Python 3.7

Install: Install Visual Studio 2013 Runtime from:

Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable for 2.93 and later:

Then, as you would normally through Blender for any Blender addon distributed through a .zip file: open Blender preferences -> Add-ons, and press “Install…” then choose the .zip file.

Download links:






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