ArtStation Dragon Workshop Brushes Sculpt Your First Dragon In Zbrush

in this Dragon Workshop, you will learn how to sculpt a dragon from start to finish and also you will learn many techniques. I tried to record my sculpting process and I explained everything as much as possible.
After this Workshop, if you are a beginner, you will do much better. ? There are some parts that I only sculpt and I don’t talk, sometimes you can’t explain sculpting and you should learn by only watching.
There are many secrets and techniques in Zbrush, and in this Workshop, all of them will be told to you, and it will make you a legend of a dragon sculptor. After this Workshop, you can create professional sculpts and prepare your portfolio to enter the job market.

Who can use this Workshop?
it is prepared in a simple way for beginners, but higher levels can also improve their knowledge in sculpting just by watching it. This Workshop also includes support and all your questions will be answered. it has a money-back guarantee and if you don’t like this Workshop you can refund your money up to 7 days after you purchase it. So you can get it without any worries.

Workshop Length: 637 Minutes

Format: Mp4





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