Hipflask Houdini The Geometry Essentials Collection 1 6

Houdini isn’t so hard to master when you’re carefully guided through it. Our learning path is designed to step you through what you need to learn, in the order you need to learn it.

All of our current Geometry Essentials courses are packaged into this one comprehensive collection. 212 in-depth tutorials, over 18.5 hours of learning – this isn’t a quick how-to guide that teaches you to make one thing. We unpack the vital stuff other courses breeze over, covering the fundamentals in depth, showing you why these principles are so integral to Houdini and just how to wield them. Each course builds on the last, arming you with the technical knowledge to craft, finesse and refine original pieces.

But we don’t waste time either. Your learning time is precious and we know it. That’s why we make sure every second of these 6 courses contains the most crucial information, carefully explained, and delivered at the right time, in a way you’ll remember for the long term. We’re about true depth of understanding, not a few weak tricks.

This bundle is everything you need to start learning Houdini the right way.


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