Gumroad Advanced Visual Effects in Unreal Materia ENG RUS

Gumroad – Advanced Visual Effects in Unreal: Materia (ENG-RUS)

Gumroad – Advanced Visual Effects in Unreal: Materia

This training course takes you through the entire pipeline of creating the Materia Orb effect. Learn to author the FX Mesh source content in Houdini and the textures in Substance Designer. Then you’ll import the content into UE4 where you’ll make all of the shaders and dive into Niagara, where you’ll learn how to make AAA quality particle effects.

Skill Level
Houdini: Basic Knowledge

It would be preferable if you knew your way around the software interface, since I don’t cover the basics. However you can create everything in the video since we give step-by-step instructions.
Substance Designer: Basic Knowledge

You should have a basic understanding of Substance Designer and how it works.
Unreal Engine 4: Intermediate

You should have some experience with UE4. I don’t cover the basics in this series.


70+ minutes of edited, narrated video tutorials, seperated into 7 chapters. We like to make our videos content-dense to save you time.
Houdini File
Substance Designer File
All Source Content
UE4 Project File
Niagara Systems


Этот учебный курс проведет вас через весь процесс создания эффекта Сфера Материи. Вы научитесь создавать исходный контент для эффектов – меш в Houdini и текстуры в Substance Designer. Затем вы импортируете контент в UE4, где создадите все шейдеры, и перейдете в Niagara, где вы узнаете, как создавать эффекты частиц качества AAA.

Продолжительность: 01:20:00

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