Blender Market Rizomuv Bridge 2020 Blender 3

Blender Market – Rizomuv Bridge (2020+) – Blender (3+)

Blender Market – Rizomuv Bridge (2020+) – Blender (3+).

The RizomUV Bridge provides the user with an easy to use UI which makes transferring objects and UV maps between Blender and RizomUV as simple as clicking a button.

The addon includes many user-configurable settings so the user can set up the bridge to best suit their workflow. These settings are all saved in the preferences file and will be remembered between Blender sessions.

Requires Rizom 2019.0.3 or higher.


I no longer have the ability to troubleshoot on OSX so am moving official support to Windows only. I will still do my best to help existing OSX users with any problems that arise.


If you have any trouble updating to new versions make sure you remove the old plugin version then restart blender before you install the new version.

Notable features include:

The option to automatically run a user-configurable autoseams script upon loading into Rizom.
Automatically generate a UV map for all selected objects with the click of a single button.
The option to automatically mark UV island boundaries as sharp edges upon running the import function.
The ability to close the Rizom application remotely, directly from the bridge UI.
Control over most of the Rizom packing settings directly from the bridge UI, these settings are saved and will be loaded every time Rizom is launched from the Bridge UI.
Multiple UV Sets supported.

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