Blender Market Friendly Pivot v0420

Blender Market – Friendly Pivot v0420

Download by Blender Market – Friendly Pivot v0420 Friendly Pivot For Blender.

Friendly Pivot addon(Launch video) mimics the functionality of the Autodesk Maya Pivot Transform tool with minor differences and improvements for the Blender. It’s main task is to quickly and conveniently change the Pivot Orientation, Origin and 3D Cursor positions by pressing one key, eliminating the need to select the desired component of an object and long travel through different menus to select a necessary action.

Just press and hold D button, hover cursor mouse above desire and highlighted component and click LMB, MMB or RMB to change pivot.

Or use Pivot gizmo to move Origin in 3D space or set custom pivot orientation. Both are with incremental system now. In addition Bbox gizmo helps adjust Origin and 3D cursor inside current object’s boundaries.

Now the addon supports bones and curves. Also 3D Cursor in UV Editor.

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