Astute Graphics Plug ins Bundle 31 08 2022 for Adobe Illustrator Win

Astute Graphics Plug-ins Bundle 31.08.2022 for Adobe Illustrator Win

Astute Graphics Plug-ins Bundle 31.08.2022 for Adobe Illustrator Win.

Makers of award winning, time saving and creative tools such as Phantasm, VectorScribe, WidthScribe and many more. Get the complete set of plug-ins and transform your workflow in Illustrator. Add speed, ease and precision with all of our plug-ins and become an Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle!

-AstuteBuddy. Keyboard shortcut panel. On-screen live key shortcuts. Works with all Astute Graphics tools located in the toolbox
-Autosaviour. Autosave, backups + reminders. Automatic file back-up. Save reminders
-ColliderScribe. Precise alignment + selection. Advanced artwork selection tool. Align shapes with ease and precision. Live Space Fill function.
-DirectPrefs. Nudge distance, angles + guides. Draw at angles. Keyboard nudge distance
-DynamicSketch. Intuitive vector sketching. Trim and Join tool which works on all paths. Natural, easier drawing tool box for strokes and brushes. Ideal for stylus devices e.g. Wacom, Surface Pro and macOS Sidecar
-FindReplace. Instantly locate + modify objects. Locate or select objects based on visual attributes. Select objects in complex artwork to modify natively. Replace any artwork with whatever you want
-InkFlow. Drawing + lettering in one tool. Ink simulation controls. Feels like a real pen. Turn your stylus into a calligraphic tool
-InkQuest. Pre-press controls + checks. Swap channels (Ink mapping). Ink coverage temperature map. Separations
-InkScribe. Precise path creation. Takes the native Pen Tool to the next level. Constrain distance preferences. Drag paths into place without fiddling with handles
-MirrorMe. Instant symmetry. Apply symmetry to a layer or selection. See the symmetry effect in real time
-Phantasm. Instant color control + halftone. Vector halftones. 12 color adjustments. Apply as non-destructive live effects
-Randomino. Randomize in Illustrator. Easily break away from uniform vector artwork. Quick-and-easy randomization tool. Panel-based randomization of color, position, rotation, scale, Effects, etc.
-Rasterino. Image crop + editing. Interactive image cropping. Trim off blank image areas. Relink multiple embedded images
-Reform. Shape + manipulate. Sculpt any vector path intuitively. Apply repeating profiles to any shape. Results in perfect, editable, standard paths
-Stipplism. Live stipple effect. Symbol stipple includes scale, color and orientation. Add stipple effect to vectors and text. Live stipple effect on gradients
-Stylism. Live effects made easy. AG Splatter live effect. AG Architect live effect. Live Block Shadow Tool
-SubScribe. Create accurate artwork. Arc by points tool. Orient and transform objects. Easily hover over an object to simply unlock and lock
-Texturino. Textures + opacity brush. High quality repeating and non-repeating textures. Import your own textures. Quickly and naturally brush an opacity mask
-VectorFirstAid. Clean up vector documents. Convert outline text back to editable text. Change text-point alignment. Reduce file size by eliminating redundant information
-VectorScribe. Editing, shapes, corners + measure. Dynamic Shapes Tool. Dynamic Corners Tool. Smart point removal brush
-WidthScribe. Variable stroke width effects. Variable width strokes for vector strokes. Width Brush and Eraser. Width Gradient

System Requirements
– Adobe Illustrator 24, 25
– Windows 10, 11

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