Introduction to Watercolor Landscape Painting EPUB

Introduction to Watercolor Landscape Painting (EPUB)

Introduction to Watercolor Landscape Painting.
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B79GV1PQ | 695 pages | EPUB | 26.6 Mb

Landscapes are everywhere in life, and people record landscapes in different ways. Some people use cameras, while others use sketches. The author of this book uses watercolor to express the scenery in his eyes. This book is divided into six chapters, including tool selection, water control, color deployment, classic techniques, scenery and theme creation. Chapter 1 introduces the tools for watercolor painting and provides a reference for readers to choose the painting tools that suit them; Chapter 2 explains how to control the amount of water in paper, nib and color to present different effects; Chapter 3 describes the use of different colors. The method of collocation and application; Chapter 4 introduces the watercolor techniques often used in watercolor landscape painting, and shows them in detail; Chapter 5 introduces the painting expression methods of different scenery; The creative process of sunflower and seascape themes. The explanation of this book starts from the pain points of beginners, explains the profound things in simple language, and has distinct characteristics. This book is suitable for beginners, watercolor lovers and landscape painting lovers to read and learn, and also suitable for relevant training institutions as teaching materials.

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