Cartoon Art Batch 1 1 Win x64

Due to this highly intuitive and user-friendly solution, you can convert many of your preferred images to their cartoon versions without any effort.

There was a time when applying effects onto images was a task for the tech-savvy users only, as it required extensive skills. This is no longer the case, mostly due to the numerous applications out there that can do all the hard work instead.

Such an app is called Cartoon Art Batch, and it can turn any loaded image into a cartoon version.

Supports a few source formats
It goes without saying that you need to first create a list with the pictures you want to process and the only way to add them is to manually navigate to their location, since drag and drop actions are not supported.

You can select JPEG, PNG and GIF files, and you can load several of them at the same time.

Packs multiple cartoon effects
As soon as you set up the source file list and you specified the destination folder, all that is left for you to do is to explore the available cartoon effects and choose the one you like best.

On the downside, you cannot preview the images after applying the selected filter, you can only use your imagination and guess the results based on the preview of each filter. In other words, once Cartoon Art Batch completes the conversion, you need to browse to the generated files’ location and analyze them, so as to go for a different effect if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

What you can do is to choose the conversion mode that works best for you. be it SD, HD or Full HD.

In a nutshell, Cartoon Art Batch can turn your favorite photos into cartoon versions without you needing to put any effort in it. You can simply wait for it to finish the conversion, then share the results with your friends.



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