Udemy Character Building in Blender

Udemy – Character Building in Blender

Download video course by Udemy – Character Building in Blender. How to build, rig, and add hair to a character.

What you’ll learn
Building the mesh
UV Mapping
Texture painting
Shape keys

Must be comfortable using blender
Blender 2.8 and above
A pc or laptop less than 10 years old

This course is intended for people who want to learn how to build a character from start to finish.

We start by building the main mesh, starting with the face. We then progress to growing and shaping the head and neck. We then move on to growing the shoulders. Once we have the should width right, we then grow and shape the torso. Next, we add the arms, then the legs. Once the limbs are in place, we add the eyes. Then we grow the mouth sack, adding teeth and nostrils to the main mesh. Once we’ve built the main mesh, we will progress to adding clothes.

Once we have built all the meshes, we then move on to rigging the meshes so that we can pose the character and, therefore, animate with it. First we build the armature then we slowly bind the meshes to it.

Once we have rigged the character, I then discuss the various methods of adding hair to the character and take the student through how to add hair through the particle system method.

Finally, we turn our attention to shape keys. I discuss the advantages disadvantages of using shape keys verses rigging the face.

Who this course is for
3d Animation enthusiasts who want to learn how to build their own characters.

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