Udemy Beginners Guide To Stylized Character Creation In Blender

Udemy – Beginners Guide To Stylized Character Creation In Blender

Model 3D Stylized Character Easily , No Sculpting Needed!

What you’ll learn
Model A Stylized 3D Character in Blender
Create Realistic Hairs
Cloth Texturing with Real Fabrics
Guide to UV Mapping for Texturing
Lighting the Environment
Create Production Ready topology

No prior experience is needed. But having some experience in blender will make you blaze through the course quicker

So you want to learn how to make cute 3D Stylized Characters in blender but don’t know how or struggle with it?Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience in blender this course will put you on the right track to begin making any 3D stylized characters you can think of using Blender. I am also here for you.My name is Saviour, a 3D Artist and Mentor with over 5 years experience creating 3D Arts with Blender and other 3D Softwares like Maya & Zbrush. This course would be focused on using Blender for Stylized Character Creation. I will show you an easy workflow that i personally use when creating 3D stylized characters both for commercials or personal projects completely in blender without worrying about sculpting at all. I will also guide you on how to use Blender particle system to groom realistic hairs on the Character which you can use the same technique to make any hair style for your characters . You will as well learn how to UV Map the Character for texturing and then light the scene to get it ready for final presentation after which we would now render out the character for your portfolio. In this Course we will start by setting our reference images in blender then we start modeling from the Head down to the body with just simple primitives in a linear fashion that walks you through it very easily every step of the way. Then we move on to making the cloths and props of our character like the Tie, Shoe and the pair of Eyeglasses. Then we continue by cutting seams for our Shirt and UV Map it with a real Fabric texture. After that, we start creating a hair style for our character and guide you on proper hair grooming techniques and then give our hairs some color of our chosen. Thereafter we light up the environment with some lights to present our 3d character. This course is suitable for beginners in Blender and those with some experience will find it very invaluable, so no previous experience with any 3D Software is necessary.

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