Udemy Modular Town Design In 3D Coat

Udemy – Modular Town Design In 3D Coat

Download video course by Udemy – Modular Town Design In 3D Coat. 3D Coat new tools allow you to create a modular playable environment in a matter of days not weeks.

What you’ll learn
Sculpt and texture meshes for quick look development of environments
Learn the voxel logic of 3D Coat for fast sculpting of any prop
Get an understanding of relevant 3D Coat tools
Rapid assembly of the envrionment in Blender

No previous 3D Coat experience is necessary. Basic user inferface knowledge of Blender is helpful for the environment layout.

Explore a new pipeline of 3D Coat that allows you to create a modular environment in a matter of days not weeks. It is a great way to do quick look development for playable game levels or 3D concept art.The course is made of small-length videos 1-2 minutes per tool. It makes it convenient to navigate and study.Long processes are recorded to timelapses with narration.A free reference photo pack is included as a bonus. Please, check included PDF in order to download it.


Part 1 – IntroductionOnly a few videos to get you acquainted with the User Interface of 3D Coat.

Part 2 – Foundation ToolsThe major tools that will get you started with laying out your buildings.

Part 3 – Additional ToolsExtra tools to expand your abilities for building props and certain construction elements like sewage, cloth, cables, trees, etc.

Part 4 – Building with StencilsLearn how to work with 3D Coat and 3rd party alphas for super shape generation.

Part 5 – TexturingJump into the texturing part and breath in the life into your modular house sections.

Part 6 – Scene Layout in BlenderTime to do the export and layout of the town in Blender.

You’ll get pdfs with useful links to resources and my 3d coat hotkeys. If you are interested in my background I have a whole youtube channel dedicated to 3D Coat.For the tutorial support please join my discord invite code: a5TJyRAHappy watching!

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