Rizom Lab RizomUV Virtual Spaces 2022 1 Win x64

Release 2022 Sept. 1: version 2022.1.35
– new: New histogram mode to select islands according to their sizes (see the mode selector in the UI bottom near the colour and histogram bar).
– new: Drag & drop alt function load without UVs
– new: Basic Python doc added in Scripting Help
– new: Tile can now be offseted in VS
– new: Apple Silicon version
– new: MacOS version is codesigned
– new: Scaling Seek Range visualizer improvement
– new: Planar projections Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Left/Right
– new: Planar projection with custom direction with pick and apply
– new: Dropdown’s display is now bumped
– new: Python 3.7 embedded for all platforms
– new: Pinned vertice’s color can now be customized (see preference dialog)
– new: Texel density default value can now be customized (see preference dialog)
– new: Texel density unit default value can now be customized (in preferences dialog)
– new: Overflow mode has now its default value in preference dialog too
– new: Default values customisation system added, mainly for packing (see preference dialog)
– new: Polygon Magic Wand now has an angle crease visualiser
– new: Polygon Magic Wand now use model file’s normals
– new: Tile lock button
– new: Model’s normal are now used for display
– new: Hidden and selected polycount display
– new: Locked Shape mode for groups
– new: Adaptive Shape mode is now the default for groups
– fix: Busy mouse pointer appear too early
– fix: can’t load FBX using channel indexes in some cases
– fix: DEV-15 Planar projection rescaling bug
– fix: RS version exports a empty quad when using UVin3D in the exporter
– fix: MacOS Retina display (icons)
– fix: MacOS build with SDK 11.3
– fix: Optimize brush crash
– fix: crash if Topocopy is user-stopped during its operation
– fix: crash when loading a png with alpha as user texture
– fix: U and V Tile scale controllers are misbehaving (bug introduced in January)
– fix: namespace alias
– fix: Autoseam won’t work and display “Rootgroup not found”
– fix: Create group and ungroup are enabled even if only tiles are selected
– fix: Packing settings controlers display “mixed” in case of both groups and island selected
– fix: Objects coming from FBX files are misplaced when geometry’s SRT controllers values are not at their default value
– fix: OBJ export adds the mtllib tag even if there is not material file, which create incompatibility with some modelers
– fix: Topocopy Stack and Group Similar doesn’t create group with Stack behavior mode
– fix: Crash in some context when transforming
– fix: Switches’ enabled state is not visible when mouse is hovering it
– fix: Select group content doesn’t select locked islands

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