Unity 3D Game Development Designed for passionate game developers True EPUB MOBI

Unity 3D Game Development – Designed for passionate game developers (True EPUB, MOBI)

Unity 3D Game Development – Designed for passionate game developers.
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781801076142 | 459 pages | True EPUB, MOBI | 44.65 MB

Create ready-to-play 3D games with reactive environments, sound, dynamic effects, and more!

Key Features
Build a solid foundation for game design and game development
Understand the fundamentals of 3D such as coordinates, spaces, vectors, and cameras
Get to grips with essential Unity concepts including characters, scenes, terrains, objects and more

Book Description
This book, written by a team of experts at Unity Technologies, follows an informal, demystifying approach to the world of game development.

You’ll learn the 3D and C# fundamentals before starting to build one short segment of the full game – a vertical slice. With every progressing chapter, you’ll learn to improve this game (alongside building your own) to make it ready to pitch to studios.

Within Unity 3D Game Development, you will learn to

Design and build 3D characters, and the game environment
Think about the users’ interactions with your game
Develop the interface and apply visual effects to add an emotional connection to your world
Grasp a solid foundation of sound design, animations, and lightning to your creations
Build, test, and add final touches
The book is split between expert insights that you’ll read before you look into the project on GitHub to understand all the underpinnings. This way, you get to see the end result, and you’re allowed to be creative and give your own thoughts to design, as well as work through the process with the new tools we introduce.

Join the book community on Discord: Read this book with Unity game developers, and the team of authors. Ask questions, build teams, chat with the authors, participate in events and much more. The link to join is included in the book.

What you will learn
Learn fundamentals of designing a 3D game and C# scripting
Design your game character and work through their mechanics and movements
Create an environment with Unity Terrain and ProBuilder
Explore instantiation and rigid bodies through physics theory and code
Implement sound, lighting effects, trail rendering, and other dynamic effects
Create a short, fully functional segment of your game in a vertical slice
Polish your game with performance tweaks
JOIN the ‘book-club’ to read alongside other users, Unity experts, and ask the authors when stuck

Who this book is for
Our goal with this book is to enable every reader to build the right mindset to think about 3D games, and then show them all the steps we took to create ours.

The main target audience for this book is those with some prior knowledge in game development, though regardless of your experience, we hope to create an enjoyable learning journey for you.

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