Udemy Unreal Engine 5 Souls Like Combat

Udemy – Unreal Engine 5: Souls-Like Combat

Make a complete third person souls-like action RPG melee combat system in Unreal Engine 5!

What you’ll learn
How to program in Unreal Engine with Blueprint
Learn how to create a complete Action RPG Combat System from scratch
Create enemy combat AI using Behavior Tree’s
Enemy Boss AI using Behavior Tree’s
Different Enemy types such as mobs, heavy mobs, & Bosses
Different types of enemy attacks (Distance based attacks, rare attacks, etc)
Create enemy combat behavior, patrol path behavior, etc.
Hit Detection System using Raycasts
How to use Gameplay tags system
State management & how to manage multiple states in a combat system
Balance the player and enemy stats (e.g. Health, damage, movement speed, etc)
More advanced blueprint techniques such as Interfaces, dispatchers, & gameplay tags
Learn how to use & manage different states within a combat system
Directional dodging system
Multiple Attack types
Multiple Combat Styles (Light sword, Dual Swords, etc)
Hit Reaction System
Blocking & heal mechanic
Targeting System
Different hit reactions based on attack ( e.g. Knockdown)
Equipment (E.g. weapons, armor, etc)
How to setup Visual effects, sound effects, etc

Basic knowledge on how to use Unreal Engine

If you would like to learn how to make your own Souls-like Combat system, then this is the course for you!Using Unreal Engine 5, you’ll learn how to start from a blank project all the way to a complete Dark Souls inspired combat system. While designing the logic for this course, I have focused on making the logic extendable so that you can use what you learn as a foundation for your game!So what sort of mechanics will I be teaching in this course?You’ll learn about attack combos, multiple attack types, directional dodging, target locking, equipment & multiple weapon styles, collision & hit detection, hit reaction system, combat AI which will include mob enemies, tough mobs, & boss enemies. your own targeting system, hit detection system, applying & receiving damage, multiple damage types, hit reactions, visual effects, & more.By the end of the course you will have created your very own Dark Souls inspired combat system with all of the features mentioned in the video & on this page.This course is aimed at beginner to intermediate level. You’ll need a basic understanding of the Unreal Engine interface and blueprint scripting.If you have any questions regarding the course or need help with anything related to the course or for anything game development in general, feel free to join our Discord server!Ready to create your own souls-like combat system? Come join the course now!

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