Udemy Working With Adobe Stager Painter

Udemy – Working With Adobe Stager & Painter

Knowing Stager & Painter in a couple of Hours!

What you’ll learn
How To Use Adobe Stager – Get to Know the Interface Panel
How to Create a Scene with Adobe Stager
How to Export Files Like A Pro
How to Use Adobe Painter – Get to Know the Interface Panel
How to Mask and add layers to an Object

Even If you don’t know ANY of Adobe Applications – You will know how to Export a Great 3D Scene

This course will talk about How to use Stager & Painter (the subjects are a general Idea – the course is divided to sections): 1. Getting to know the interface panel of Stager2. Creating a scene together From Scratch!3. How & Where to get 3D models and how to upload 3D Models4. How to remove the background after you rendered the scene from Stager5. Painter – Knowing the interface and what are the steps we need to make before painting6. How to paint, How to spray paint & using smart materials 7. How to mask the paint When dealing with 2 layers.A little bit about my Background – I have been designing with Adobe applications for the past years using Photoshop, Xd, Illustrator and even applications that do not exist anymore – I can tell you for sure that modeling with 3D is the future! I really hope you will enjoy the course. My motto is – Studying is not hard If you’re having fun during! So during the whole course you will get a joke here & there – try to take everything with Fun Vibe and Leave a review so that other students will know what to expect.In General – This course gives you a great value about how to use the 3D application and if you have any questions or anything – simply write them to me and I will answer everything. Thank you all – Have a great week!

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