Udemy Become A Pro Video Editor With Davinci Resolve 18 In 2022

Udemy – Become A Pro Video Editor With Davinci Resolve 18 In 2022!

Do you want to edit amazing videos? Jump in, this is the Davinci Resolve 18 course you were looking for.

What you’ll learn
Become a Video Editor with one of the most powerful softwares (used in many blockbusters)
Learn how to edit video with a free software (Davinci Resolve)
You’ll learn how to edit a sequence with filters, slowmos, and amazing edits
You’ll have personal feedback from a pro video editor
Final individual Project with group feedback

No experience needed. This course will teach you all you need to know!
You’ll get the amazing super cars footage free to use!

Edit an amazing supercar video with my FREE footage. Get my own feedback and join a group of filmmaking enthusiasts![Creator Trusted by more than 3k students]What’s it about?Are you tired of not knowing how to do those incredible videos, with nice speed ramps and transitions? Start being a real filmmaker and knowing how to properly edit, mastering the software tools.Take full control of your software, know all its hidden secrets, keyboard shortcuts and tabs. And most importantly, use that to play with your viewers and give them a nice expierence.Become finally a pro filmmakerWhy take this course?Here you’ll learn how to make an authentic video production. To get the most out of your software and your footage, first you should understand the components that Davinci has, and how they work, in order to get very specific results, that will make you discover a new world of editing possibilities.Based on the negative and positive experiences from all my productions already made, and adding many of the questions that users ask me, you’ll learn a new cinematic language. I’ll put you in the situations that you’ll face, and you’ll learn ways how to solve them.Above all, this course is about creating experiences. Do you ever get tired of creating and editing bad videos because you barely know how to edit? It’s time to learn how a pro software works, what elements it has, and especially how to apply them to the given footage.You’ll be joining a closed Telegram group for students where you’ll be able to post your footage and get instant feedback from other students and the instructor.”I’ve been following Alex’s carrer since the very beginning. His courses and all the tutorials he brings online on Youtube and Instagram are gems. I’ve had an early access to this Davinci course and I finally decided I could give it a try myself. Now I finally know how to make videos that aren’t terrible. I’d trust Alex with my own life lol. ★★★★★” Lorente J.,[Aug. 2022]How is the course structured?In order to make a process efficient and professional, you have to learn all its components. Know them, master them, and be the best. Keep improving. We’ll go through all the different tabs, windows and everything you need in order to create a professional, efficient workflow. Learn how to do a video edit from the beginning to the end. Learn the right way to do it.Finally you’ll do some exercises in which you’ll be able to show everything that you have learned.Come on in, you won’t regret it :) ! You’ll enjoy and learn things that you never imagined you were able to do.

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