Gumroad Offworlder Sculpting and Texturing in 3D Coat for Blender Eevee

Explore a new pipeline of 3D Coat and Blender that could fit very well in certain productions and cover many needs at a fraction of the commonly used software costs.

The whole course is structured that every video about a certain point that is in the name of the file. It makes it convenient to navigate and study.

All videos are short between 2-5 minutes for easy watching and the best learning experience.

Long boring processes are recorded to timelapses without narration.


Part 1 – Creating the Base Head

Setting up a sculpt that is easy and fast to modify. You will be able to turn it to various character designs while retaining the important bits (lips, eyes, nose, ears) under control. At this speed, it is only possible to do in 3D Coat.

The segmented head is included in the project files so you can even just skip doing it yourself and start designing straight ahead.

Part 2 – Character Sculpting

The second part is about modifying the base head to different creatures. Then moving on to creating the finished voxel sculpt of the character. Talking about particularities of sculpting in 3D Coat.

Part 3 – Retopology and UVs

3D Coat has great retopology and UV tools to do the job fast and it is covered in this chapter.

Part 4 – Texture Painting

Texturing in 3D Coat is a great experience. The brushes give you a very natural painting feeling and are highly customizable.

Part 5 – Blender Presentation

This part covers the basics of the scene set up like skin shader, lighting, sculpting, and modeling tools.

Bonus Part – Marvelous Designer

Jumping in Marvelous to design clothing for the character and bringing back to Blender.





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