Houdini School HS 106 The ABCs of Exporting Animations from Houdini

This recorded class will teach students about each of the major file formats used to exchange files between Houdini and other programs. Background (and where applicable, historical) information will be given on each format and consumption by other packages. The course will be broken into two segments: A) An introduction B) A body containing one subsection per major format and one section covering all minor/deprecated/anomalous formats.
Day 1
Session Introduction – Who is the instructor, and what will we learn?
How To Export – The steps to follow for a successful output of animated images from Houdini
Format Details – What to know about the main file formats available when saving from Houdini, as well as a little context to help you decide which to use. Plus a little history on some of the formats, as pertains to how they are used today.
Outroduction – What did we learn in this first session, and what we will learn in the next session.

Day 2
Session Introduction – What will we learn?
Special topics (Silicon Graphics, Inc / ASCII vs. Binary)
Format Details
Session Outroduction – When to use which format?






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