Skillshare How to Characterize a Character in MotionBuilder Motion Capture Animation

Skillshare – How to Characterize a Character in MotionBuilder: Motion Capture Animation

In this class you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully characterize your character in MotionBuilder.

The success of any mocap project in MotionBuilder depends on how well you Characerize your character. Every time you use a character in MotionBuilder it relies on the characterization in some way: remapping mocap with Actor and Character assets, animating with the Control Rig and Poses, simulations with Rag-doll.

In this class we’ll cover:

How to correctly T-Pose your character
How to automatically complete the mapping process if you’re using MotionBuilder’s naming convention or a Biped character.
How to complete the mapping process if you’ve used your own custom joint names.
How fix if something goes wrong.

I’ll cover all of these topics as I prepare character for editing phase. You’ll be able to watch and follow along as I show you every decision I make, and tell you my thoughts as I am doing so.

Get it wrong and you’ll not only affect the quality of your mocap data, but you’ll also find yourself spending more time fixing problems than you do animating.

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