PBR Game 3D Models Bundle July 2022

PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle July 2022

PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle July 2022


3D Scan Man Winter 002
Abandoned Building
Abandonned prefab cabin PBR
Airbus A320 Airplane Cabin interior
Amaya woman in a white suit
Anakin Pod Racer PBR
Anatomy of the male torso
Ancient Tiger Vase PBR
Apollo 11 Saturn 5 Rocket
Armored SUV PBR
Asian Bao woman in a seated pose (3D Scan) 2
Athiel FFT-3W
B2 Spirit Bomber PBR
Bajaj nyentrik
Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft
Bayraktar TB2
Behringer TD-3 analog synthesizer
Behringer TD-3
BINANCE Trader Hoodie
Black Widow
Blonde doll
Broken rock with hammer PBR
Brown hat for men
Casual Lady Greeting
Chainsaw PBR
Classic Hotel Facade for Background
Cliff Face, Isle of Portland
Cobalt Kinetics AR15
Control Panels PBR
Core (Radial Symmetry Test 2)
Corroded Terminal
Cute Sci-fi rover
Cyberpunk Fashion Sneaker 8 Techwear Scifi PBR
Cyberpunk Food Truck Walfood
Cyberpunk style Motorcycle
Cyberpunk style Riot Police Van
Deadpool Skull
Disassembled V8 Small Block engine PBR
DrLivesey Treasure Island
Dry soil ground road PBR
Electro-Motive Diesel SD40-2
Fishing boat with plaid
Flambeau tackle box (for fishing)
FOREST ANIMALS short version (21 animals)
Gas Mask
German Helicopter Guimbal Cabri G-2(D-HDMB)
Girl in a Plaid Shirt
Gravity Gun Weapon Prototype
H135 Airbus Helicopter
Half-Life 2 Civil Protection Mask PBR
Helicopter Jet Transporter PBR
High-poly 3 characters
Hopper Dredger MV 34Crane34 1972
Hovercraft Hivus 48
HuCiv Genet Police Car
Human embryonic – fetal development stages PBR
Hyundai i20 N Hybrid Rally Car WRC
Industrial Robot Arm 01 (Clean and Dirty)
Infernal Creature
Kaneda’s Jacket PBR
King Krabby PBR
Large heap pile of construction sand PBR
Laura Munz – lingerie
League of Legends Jinx Fishbones Bazooka
Leather Bag PBR
Leonardo TMNT PBR
Linhi Character
Lion Statue PBR
Lion with ball Sculpture
Loki Chibi PBR
Long pile of old construction bricks
Low-poly Diamond DA-42
Low-poly Flower Clerodendron Thomsonae (5 options)
Low-poly Train Railroad Car With Interior
Male Scan Dan PBR
Medieval Library Model Pack low-poly
MiB noisy cricket PBR
Michael Kors Luggage Travel Duffle Bag
Mid-Century Modern Chair
Military Army Helmet
Millers Falls Hand Drill PBR
Mucker (Raw Scan) PBR
Mud puddle PBR
Myriam girl sitting in Muslim clothing 2
Myriam girl takes selfies
Nike Air Force 1 White PBR
Oil Derrick
Old Abandoned Farm House
Old Diving Helmet PBR
Old flintlock pistols
Old House PBR
Old Police Car PBR
Old rock jacket
Old Window and door house
Old wooden building
One-story country house
Overwatch Tracer Pistol
Particle Accelerator Sci-Fi Game Prop PBR
Paving Stones for improvement
PBR Brown jacket (3D Scanned)
PBR Grenade Launcher SI-Fi (DOOM)
PBR Sexy brunette in a leopard swimsuit 3d Scanned
PennywiseThe Dancing Clown (It)
Photorealistic Trashbag PBR
Pile of tyres in mud PBR
Plaza De Toros Ibi Bullring Building Bulls
Portable Gas Stove PBR
Power Washer PBR
Punk Girl
Radio Sony CRF-320 PBR
RC Bandit
Retro Instruments
Retro Office Supplies
Rifle Scope PBR
Road damage debris photscan
Robo Helmet PBR
Robot Spot by Boston Dynamics
Robots in love 2
Rusted machinery device
SAAB-Bofors NLAW anti-tank weapon PBR
Sci-fi Hover Bike PBR
Sci-Fi Scooter
SciFi grenade PBR
Sculptured head Copan
Security Cameras
Sexy girl in a bikini (Axyz Design Bch0009-HD2-O01P01-S)
Shallow space – Enif-class light cruiser PBR
Sidewinder-Class Fast Attack Vessel
Snowed street in Bushwick, Brooklyn PBR
Speed Boat
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Obi Wan Kenobi PBR
Stylized Modular House
Stylized Woman Character
Superhero men Figure Pose
T-90A MBT tank
Tactical Bolter PBR
Tactical military vest
The Hulk Avengers Full Body PBR
Trojan Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers
Two windows and a balcony
Ukrainian Sniper Rifle PBR
Unicycle with motor PBR
Vintage Books PBR
Voodoo Skull PBR
Walther P38 pistol
Walther P38
Western Farm House PBR
White shirt
Women’s cosmetic accessories
Wooden cottage Low-Poly
Wooden house for gamedev
WW2 desk fan
Young Amaya woman in jeans and pink blouse (3D Scan) 2
Young girl Myriam in fashionable clothes (3D Scan)
Young girl Myriam playing sports (3D Scan) 2
Young girl Myriam poses in sportswear (3D-Scan) 2
Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Gravity Gun

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