Udemy Learners Guide To 3D Character Creation Vol 1 Zbrush 2021

Udemy – Learners Guide To 3D Character Creation Vol 1: Zbrush 2021

A Course for All levels in Learning How to Create 3D Characters, by Sculpting and Retopologizing through Zbrush 2021

What you’ll learn
Learning to sculpt 3D Characters in Zbrush 2021 with 2D or 3D reference aids in split screen workflow

Either a Free demo or copy of Zbrush 2021
(Optional but recommended ) Wacom Tablet

Hello and Welcome to Learners Guide to 3D Character Creation Vol 1: Zbrush & Retopology A new course dedicated to teaching how to sculpt, retopologize, 3D Characters all within Zbrush!Here not only are we focused on teaching you how to make 3D characters but also give emphasis through the course in “practicing” your skills as a sculptor OR beginner sculptor when creating 3D characters, therefore we chose a fun character theme challenge : The Cyberpunk Hacker! To that end, we crafted a course that will deliver 2 new unique approaches in teaching character creation by affording you the opportunity to sculpt through Split Screen Mode OR Multiple 2D Orthographic References – Split Screen Mode was introduced back in Zbrush version 2019.1 which has become more of a updated method of practicing your sculpting techniques geared toward the beginner but also intermediate users who are interested. This is where we the instructors break up our character into sections of decimated meshes and demonstrate how they would be imported into your zbrush file. Next we go over the basics of how to turn on split screen mode in your Zbrush viewport to have 2 screens, our mesh on the left and your mesh on the right! From there you interactively work with us when we sculpt this character out! ( checkout our the promotional video above right corner for demonstration in what to expect). – Multiple 2D Orthographic References – Of course for more intermediate to advance users don’t need to take Split Screen Mode approach, alternatively we will be providing you multiple 2D orthographic references of the character in many of the areas to help aid in your sculpting process as we guide you in the sculpting of this character course.Feel free to learn through either approach OR a combinations of both!What we will teachZBRUSH CHARACTER SCULPTING: – A quick section breakdown to the basics of Zbrush for the beginner so no one gets left behind before we start. – How to create your own base mesh from scratch. (In addition we will be supplying you our own course learning base mesh for you to use as a bonus option) – How to pull clothing off of a blank base mesh to sculpt full body clothing of a Cyberpunk Character as is done commonly in the industry pipeline. – Illustrate how to create seams utilizing fun combinations such as group loops with masking – Learn to craft hair within Zbrush through it’s built in hair system Fibermesh, and demonstrate several methods to apply the hair upon the meshRETOPOLOGIZING: – Learn several methods of retopologizing (process of creating Low Rez 3D models from High Rez sculpted meshes) Those methods below are: 1. The first is: Is an auto retopologizing approach with Zremesher 3.0 utilizing the Zremesher Guides Lines Brush as a method of directing clean edge flow. 2. The second method is a manual retopologizing approach where we use Zmodelers 3D modeling tool Edge Extrusion to provide more flexible option in 3D Character Modeling, over a finished High Rez sculpt.- (Disclaimer – this course is a 2 part course series with this first course being the focus of 3D character sculpting, retopologizing a character into a low rez character model as a primary focus of curriculum. The upcoming second course focuses more to UVing, texturing and rendering)

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