Udemy Complete SketchUp Guide To Layout Project Documentation

Udemy – Complete SketchUp Guide To Layout Project Documentation

Learn to document your SketchUp projects into complete drawing sets.

What you’ll learn
How to organize SketchUp models for drawing sets
How to annotate SketchUp drawings
How to draw scaled drawings in Layout
How to manage Layout project document sets

Students will need SketchUp Pro
The Complete SketchUp Guide To Layout teaches you how to create organized drawing sets for your SketchUp projects directly from SketchUp with Layout.

Getting quality output from SketchUp often requires exporting lots of files back and forth from SketchUp and a third party program. However, SketchUp has created a robust document editor to manage drawing sets that integrates directly with SketchUp — SketchUp Layout.

This introductory course helps you understand what Layout is, and it gives you the workflows and techniques that can save you headaches and time documenting your project in neatly defined and accurate plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives of all sorts. Pretty much, any view you can make in SketchUp, can be setup in Layout and curated to the look you desire.

What you learn

– How to setup title blocks and templates in Layout

– How to import and update your drawing set with SketchUp models

– How to develop annotated and dimensioned plans, sections and elevations

– How to develop building sections, wall sections and scaled details for your project

– How to export layout projects into PDF and CAD formats

– How to create your own scrapbook libraries of annotations and details

At the end of this course, you will be ready to document your SketchUp projects beyond concept models, to buildable schematics for any phase.

If you’re ready to develop your documents better from SketchUp, then see you in my class.

Who this course is for
This course is for architects, and designers

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