Udemy AutoCAD for Absolute Beginners

Udemy – AutoCAD for Absolute Beginners

AutoCAD for Beginners

What you’ll learn
What is AutoCAD?
Understand key basic features in AutoCAD
Use of shortcuts while using AutoCAD
Quick drafting techniques
Insight to advance AutoCAD workflows like layer management and drawing templates
Presenting the drawings to others by annotating and plotting

This is for absolute beginners. You do not need any prerequisite to follow this course.

This course is designed to teach AutoCAD software to beginners, who absolutely do not have any knowledge about it.

As you practice with the videos, you will get a better understanding of the software and how to use its functions.

Inside this course, we will study the following.

1. Introduction

2. Download AutoCAD

3. Open a new drawing and save and Understand the Interface

4. Turn off status bar icons

5. Create simple objects

6. Basic mouse operations

7. Selection methods

8. Object Snaps

9. Ortho Mode

10. Polar Tracking

11. Move, Copy, Mirror, and Rotate

12. Stretch and Scale

13. Trim and Extend

14. Fillet and Chamfer

15. 0ffset

16. Explode

17. Erase

18. Array

19. Break and Join

20. Launch commands through command line

21. Setup background colour

22. Adjust crosshairs and pickbox size

23. Setting Units

24. Dynamic Input

25. Layer Management

26. Blocks

27. Add Text

28. Add Dimensions

29. Plotting

30. Drawing Templates

In addition to this, we will have a separate drafting practice session with 6 exercise videos. The exercises are designed to make use of the AutoCAD function you learned within the basics. It would be a good start for drafting practice because you will learn many ways to use AutoCAD functions while drafting.

Further, I always looking forward to your questions and to giving answers/clarifications as soon as I receive them. Usually, I respond to all queries within 48 hrs.

Who this course is for
Engineers, Engineering interns, Students and CAD Technicians

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