The Gnomon Workshop Creating a Stylized 3d Character Illustration

Creating a Stylized 3D Character Illustration
ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer & Substance Painter Workflow With Amy Sharpe

Explore the process of designing a character and bringing it to life as a final 3D image using ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter, with supporting design work handled in Marvelous Designer and Photoshop. This workshop by Senior Character Artist, Amy Sharpe, demonstrates her personal workflow while showcasing some of the production techniques she’s adapted to make her character design process quick, clean, and efficient at all stages.

The workshop begins with the loose sketching of concepts and compositions in Photoshop, sculpting in ZBrush, and covers a small amount of Marvelous Designer. Further modeling, retopology, and UV-ing work are then taken care of in Maya. The second half of Amy’s workshop includes her texturing workflow in Substance Painter, continued by her look development pipeline in Maya and Arnold, before wrapping up the final image in Photoshop.

This workshop is intended for late beginner to intermediate artists, though the general concepts discussed can be useful to artists of all levels. By the end of this tutorial, you will have an understanding of an efficient workflow that you can follow or adapt to your own process, making it easier for you to design and bring to life your own 3D characters.

00. Preview
01. Concept, Composition & Color
02. Head Sculpt
03. Hand Sculpt Blockout
04. Body Sculpt Blockout
05. Head & Hand Topology
06. Model & Sculpt Refine — Part 1
07. Cloth Workflow With Marvelous Designer
08. Model & Sculpt Refine — Part 2
09. Model & Sculpt Refine — Part 3
10. Music Box Modeling
11. Eyes
12. Hair Modeling
13. Look-Development Setup
14. Skin & Mask Texturing
15. Clothing Texturing
16. Final Edit





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