ArtStation Stylized Fantasy Prop Tutorial

ArtStation – Stylized Fantasy Prop Tutorial

ArtStation – Stylized Fantasy Prop Tutorial

Throughout this tutorial series you are going to learn AAA techniques that I use personally and professionally to create props for video games! From blockout to final renders, I take you through my thought process and show you how I use various software like Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter to create: blockouts, sculpted wood, sculpting foliage, proper UVs and packing methods, lighting, and rendering in Unreal Engine 5 and more! My goal is to give you more confidence in the asset/prop creation process for video games.


This course is intended for those wanting to further their knowledge of video game pipelines and will require a basic level of understanding in Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, and UE5. Intended for beginners/intermediate users.

What You Get:

-10+ hours of recorded content

-15 video of my going over my process for how to create a stylized fantasy prop.

Product Outline:

In each of these videos, I walk through my process in real-time and explain my methods and thoughts. Once I have gone over “How to” I speed the videos up and use the techniques I taught. After the sped up portion, I talk about any pitfalls I ran into along the way and explain anything that wasn’t covered earlier.

00_Intro: In this video I look at the concept and break down it’s individual parts and talk about ways to approach it as a whole.

01_The_Blockout: Here I discuss how to approach a blockout model and what to do and not to do. (Live commentary video & sped up video)

02_Preparing_The_Sculpt: I talk about specific techniques and methods to prepare the blockout model for sculpting in ZBrush.

03_Sculpting_The_Chest_Pt_01: Here I go over techniques for decimating our meshes down to get ready for sculpting. I also show how I sculpt stylized wood. (Live commentary video & sped up video)

04_Sculpting_The_Chest_Pt_02: Continuation of part 1…

05_Sculpting_The_Books: I show how easy it can be to sculpt simple stylized books using ZBrush.

06_Sculpting_The_Papers: I show how easy it can be to sculpt simple stylized pieces of paper using ZBrush.

07_Sculpting_The_Foliage: In this video I show how I create foliage using only ZBrush.

08_Unwrapping_Pt_01: In this video I show how to clean up a decimated low poly mesh in Maya and prepare it for unwrapping.

09_Unwrapping_Pt_02: This is a continuation of Pt_01 as well as show how I approach unwrapping and also packing of the UVs using Maya.

10_Texturing_The_Chest_Pt_01: I show you how I tackle the start of a stylized asset using Substance Painter.

11_Texturing_The_Chest_Pt_02: Continuation of Part 01

12_Texturing_The_Chest_Pt_03: Continuation of Part 02

13_Texturing_The_Foliage_and_Pages: I show you similar steps of texturing but how I approach texturing the foliage in Painter and doing some simple but effective hand painting in Photoshop for the pages.

14_Lighting_&_Rendering_in_UE5: I walk you through how to set up a very easy scene in UE5 and how to set up some simple lights as well as setting up a cinematic camera to take some high quality renders for the prop.

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