Skillshare The Hollywood Panorama Now you can shoot HDR 360 Panoramas like a pro

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create High Dynamic Range 360° Panoramas – this is the MASTERCLASS!

You will learn the entire workflow used in Hollywood to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360° Panoramas. You will learn everything from camera settings to shooting, processing and application and so much more.

Best of all – you will learn how do it all using FREE software and whatever gear you already have.

What you’ll learn in The Hollywood Panorama

The entire workflow. You will learn the exact workflow used in Hollywood to create the highest quality 360° Panoramas.
How to expose for any situation. We will cover all the core principles to create the highest quality HDR Panoramas so that your Panos are ready for any blockbuster.
How to find your nodal point. You will not only learn the importance of the nodal point but we will do a hands-on walk-through to find your unique combination.
How to find your shooting angle formula. The secret sauce to creating high-quality panoramas that are guaranteed to stitch every time! Bonus – I will give you the exact Hollywood Formulas!
How to process your panorama. From file management to stitching your panorama, removing the tripod, and tone mapping.
How to apply and use your HDR 360° Panorama. Explore how these panoramas get used for Image Based Lighting (IBL), Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality, Gaming, and online resources that could even make you some extra $$.





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