Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children.
2008 | ISBN: 1581809638 | English | true EPUB | 128 pages | 15 MB

Drawing children has never been easier!
Maybe you can’t stop your favorite child from growing up, but you can create timeless memories with pencil, paper and some simple drawing skills. Now you can capture your most cherished moments in a way no ordinary photograph can.

Here to show you how are Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks, professional composite artists and drawing instructors. In their friendly and foolproof teaching style, the Parks cover everything you need to know to create incredibly true-to-life pencil portraits of the children you love.

You’ll learn how to

Take strong reference photos

Achieve correct facial proportions

Draw a face from different angles and bring it to life with shading

Master tricky facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, hair, lips and smiles

Make hair look realistic and shiny

Draw clothing, incorporate props, and work with light and shadows

Convey the true sense of character of your child

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