Udemy Ultimate Game Maker Studio 2 Multiplayer Networking Course

Udemy – Ultimate Game Maker Studio 2 Multiplayer Networking Course

Learn to code multiplayer games in 2022 with Game Maker Studio 2

What you’ll learn
Learn how to make a Node server and use Websocket module
Learn the framework of websockets in GMS2
Understand raw connections in GMS2 and how to connect to a node server
Build a game that will teach you the fundamental concepts used in Multiplayer games

Basic knowledge of GMS2
Understand arrays and ds_maps in GML
NO Experience with Node needed
NO Experience with JS needed, but you can understand faster if you have some.
NO Experience with the networking functions of GMS2 needed
NO Experience in Buffers in GML needed
Are you having issues or confused with Game Maker Studio 2 Multiplayer videos? Are buffers getting complicated?

Do you want a simple and powerful networking solution with Node.js?

In this course I will teach you to the best networking framework and all the information you need to learn in a single place. This is the course I wanted when I started out a year back.

I tried following tutorials on youtube but they were hard for me to follow and I did not understand buffers and always got stuck there :(

I realized that networking can be a tough topic for many starters and it is seen as a huge roadblock. This course aims to make it easier on you by simplifying the whole process with my standard easy to understand formats.

All you need to know is basic knowledge of GMS2 – rooms, objects, ds_maps and arrays.

In this course we will develop a simple game, launch io where your plane and other planes are to be loaded and seen moving realtime on a 2d map. This format can be used for any topdown game. Learn the fundamentals of networking now.

You don’t need any knowledge of jаvascript or node , because all you need to know will be taught here.

Understanding The communication Concept

Learn the singleplayer version of launch io

Learn to Connect to the Node server and exchange some data

Learn to store and manage data on Node using js

Learn to load other player instances on GMS2

Learn to send out State Updates with Node and update them on GMS2

Lean to deal with websocket close on Nodejs

1+ years of Networking knowledge compressed into one course.

Enroll today! Having doubts? Contact me through the udemy DM’s!

Who this course is for
Beginner GMS2 developers who have a hard time with learning networking
GMS2 developers who want to make an MMO
GMS2 developers who want to make a .io game

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