Flipped Normals Hard Surface Fantasy Female Character in Zbrush by victory3d

In this course, we will be creating the Mother Drive character.

Mother Drive is an organic android hybrid interface, developed to manage millions of landscaping drones and cultivate wildlife for peak eco standards.

During the creation of our MotherDrive, we will cover important industry hardsurface methods and workflow in Zbrush. I will show you variety of techniques for painting our character to set the mood and enhance her persona. Then we will pose our character bringing her to life. We will go through the process of rendering, and taking our renders in Photoshop to further embellish our art piece. By the end of this course, you will be able to produce your own amazing portfolio-ready character.

Move fast and don’t waste time trying to decide if you deserve to get real results in your journey as a 3D artist. You have the potential to exponentially increase your results with the right guidance. Never settle for less and continue upgrading your skills. Come and join this course at Victory3D

What you’ll learn

Important industry hardsurface methods and workflow
Variety of techniques for painting a character
Create different render passes for compositing
Character Hardsurface detailing
Create clean hard and semi-hard surface edges
Build a mind-blowing portfolio






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