Udemy Character Design Course Create Amazing Character Art

Learn to Create Imaginative Character Designs Step by Step.

What you’ll learn

Learn to use Silhouettes to create Imaginative Character Concepts.
Learn to Design Characters with these Effective Techniques.
Learn How to Create Depth with Values.
Learn to Draw and Paint Characters with more Confidence.


Basic understanding of Digital Software.


Welcome to my course, “Character Design Class – The Power of the Silhouette.” This course is designed to help students become more effective at creating Character Design concepts from their imagination. You will start with the basic silhouette and learn why that is so impactful to the creation process. With a strong definable silhouette our character designs will be more memorable. This also allows for a great creative spark in the imaginative process. You will then learn how to take that silhouette and draw in the inner details for the character concept. Then you will learn how to create depth and dimension to this character by adding values. Finally we will add color to the character design to bring it to life.

In this course, I will be explaining the Character Design process while using Clip Studio Paint. You are welcome to use whichever method you choose. Many of these techniques will translate to various art applications and even traditional methods.

Please take the time to share you work along with any questions you have in the Q+A Section of this course. Make sure to share Jpegs. Let me know If you have any requests for additional character types that you want to see added to this course!

I am here to answer any questions you have concerning this course and I hope you find this to be a valuable learning experience.

Thank you for considering my course!


Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics
Who this course is for:

Students that want to Learn Character Design.
Students that want to Draw and Paint Characters from their Imagination.






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