Udemy 2D to 3D Zbrush and 3D for Beginners

Learn to Design Intuitively in Zbrush

What you’ll learn

Learn the Basics of 3D and Modeling
Learn the basics of using Zbrush, no experience necessary.
Be able to sculpt and create models in 3D
Understand how to use Dynamesh and Zremesh
Learn how to projection paint textures from a 2D image on to a model.
Learn how to use Snapshot 3D, an image-based mesh creation tool in Zbrush.
Learn how to author content for the Metaverse
Learn about subdivision smoothing


Copy of Zbrush 2021 or above. A free 30 day trial is available. Other versions(Core, Mini) will not work because they do not offer all of the tools used in the tutorials.
Any software that can author png images with an alpha. I will use Illustrator, but any software can do.


In this course, you will learn about 3D design for products, Metaverse, and 3D printing using Zbrush and basic 2D elements. While this course is geared towards 2D graphic designers looking to expand their horizons, literally anyone with a desire to learn about 3D can take this course.

For graphic designers that are new to 3D, using this tool will help you bridge the gap between 2D and 3D design. Most 3D software requires a lot of technical knowledge and takes a long time to create content. Zbrush works in a more intuitive way than traditional artists and designers can understand better. The problem is that Zbrush has a very complicated UI. I help you navigate that and get right to the buttons and tools that you need to begin designing today!

We will cover the basic document setup and everything else needed to get you up and running with Zbrush.

The basics of 3D geometry and other components like lights and cameras

Working with a real-world scale between different programs and geometry.

Knowing the different file formats of Zbrush

Creating geometry from 2D images

Painting textures on models using 2D images.

Creating objects for the metaverse.

Creating Objects for 3D printing.

Creating content for Spark AR, Snap Lens, and other mobile devices, like Oculus

Zbrush is a powerful and intuitive tool that is both modeler and texturing software. It differs from other 3D softeware in its artist’s focused feature set. This allows the designer to focus more on the form and less on the technical details to make it possible.
Who this course is for:

2D Artists looking to enter the 3D space.
Design Professionals looking to leverage Zbrush to intuitively design in 3D
Anyone interested in starting to learn to create 3D items for the Metaverse or 3D printing using the best software available today, Zbrush.






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