Udemy Photoshop Compositing How To Match Subject With Background

Udemy – Photoshop Compositing: How To Match Subject With Background

Master Photoshop Compositing By learning How to Match Color, Luminosity and perspective

What you’ll learn
Learn How To Composite And Match Any Subject With Any Background Like A Pro
How to extract your subject from the background and make clean selections
How to master color grading
How Master color and luminosity matching using advanced check layer techniques
How to paint realistic Smoke and lighting effects
How to create realistic Camera Depth of field effect

You Should know Your Way Around Photoshop and how to use te tools (but i’ll try my best to explain everything for beginners)

Welcome to Photoshop compositing, how to match subject with a background, where you will learn how to composite and match any subject with any background in PhotoshopMy name is rabii, and I’ve been doing Photoshop compositing and retouching projects for a long time now and I’m excited to teach you my secret techniques of realistic Photoshop compositingI designed this course for photographers or anyone who wants to learn compositing who struggles to replace a subject from a photo or adding it to another background and can’t get it to look realistic, because in this course I’m gonna show exactly how to do that, and by the end of it you will be able to composite and match your subject with any background and make it look realistic everytimeWe are gonna start with a quick introduction and talk about what to look for when choosing your images and why one photo may work better than anotherThen I’m gonna show you how to match the perspective and test your composite to see if your subject is going to work with with the background and look realistic before you do any commitment or time-consuming selectionsAfter that, we are gonna match the luminosity, and you will learn how to get your lights and shadows matching with the background using luminosity check layer techniques and adjustment layersOnce the perspective and the luminosity are matching we are gonna move to matching the color and you are gonna learn several techniques to automatically match color fast and also how to use some powerful color check layers techniques to get the color matching with your background every timeAnd lastly, we are gonna go even further and you’ll learn how to enhance your composites by adding a realistic camera depth of field effect using the powerful depth map masks, you will also learn how to paint lighting effects and apply a color grade to an imageThe ideal student for this course is an existing photographer or anyone wants to learn Photoshop compositing, has a basic understanding of Photoshop and wants to take his compositing skills to the next level, and if that sounds like then you are gonna love this course, so feel free to take a look through the course description watch the preview videos and im looking forward to seeing you inside

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