Udemy How To Color Comics With Procreate

Udemy – How To Color Comics With Procreate

Learn Amazing Coloring Techniques Step by Step

What you’ll learn
You will learn how to add and adjust colors quickly.
You will be able to create stunning colors for your comics.
You will become more proficient with the app Procreate.
You will learn how to use layers and blending modes for various effects.

You will need the Procreate app and a tablet that runs it.

In this course you will learn how to apply color and effects in Procreate in a step by step fashion. I will supply you with the art file and brushes that I use so that you can follow along as we complete the coloring process on this comic style artwork. This course in almost entirely in real time except for one small section where the work is redundant. This allows you to see exactly how I maneuver through my coloring process.Throughout this course you will learn why Procreate is an exceptional way to color your comics. It has some of the best features available with a light interface that allows you to move more freely through the process. I will show you how to use the following features -Blending Modes ( Brush and Layer Level )Freehand Selection ToolClipping MasksHard and Soft Edge EffectsHue – Saturation – BrightnessHand GesturesLuminance BrushesYou will learn what these tools are but more importantly, how to use them. I show you how Clipping Masks help you to work in a non-destructive manner. That way you can test the effects you want to see within your work but not waste time having to start over if you don’t like the end result.Make sure to share your finished art in the Q+A Section or on your favorite social media. I would love to see it. I am here I you have any questions along the way as you complete this course.I will be adding more content to this course so make sure to let me know what specific questions you have so that I can address them for you!Thank you for considering my course and good luck with your art!Sincerely,Robert A. MarzulloRam Studios Comics

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