Udemy Rhino 3D for Landscape Architecture

Udemy – Rhino 3D for Landscape Architecture

How to use Rhino 3D as your primary landscape design software to develop 2D & 3D landscape plans, sections and renders

What you’ll learn
How to set up Rhino 3D for landscape architecture
How to use (32) of the most used commands in Rhino 3D
How to add layers and manage properties
How to import Plat of Surveys in PDF format or .jpeg format
How to create accurate base plans of existing project sites
How to sketch functional diagrams
How to sketch conceptual landscapes
How to model contours & topography
How to build 3D landscapes
How to add vegetation & plants
How to set up camera views
Export final project for render

No Rhino 3D experienced required
Free 90-day trial with Rhino 3D

The hardest part about learning a new software is overcoming the learning curve and knowing you will be confident within the software once completed. Rest assured, this course is designed to teach you a method to repeatedly use on all future landscape projects to create 2D & 3D drawings.

This course is structured to teach a complete beginner of Rhino 3D the ins and outs of what’s important in the software if you’re a landscape designer. All tutorials focus on landscape design and cuts out the general use of the program. However, the course is also designed to enhance the knowledge and speed of an intermediate landscape designer who already uses Rhino as it provides individual tutorials on Rhino commands that you may not have used before (which speeds up the design and modeling process).

During the course, practice on a real-life property and cover

Creating accurate basemaps of the existing site

Using Google Earth and exporting images

Importing PDF’s, .jpegs, blocks and more

Functional design and diagramming by sketching

Landscape concept generation from core principles of landscape architecture

Setting up and saving camera views for rendering

Building and modeling 3D landscapes and detail

By the end of this course, you will understand Rhino 3D and how to use it for landscape design. The course and sequential videos will be the foundation to all of your future landscape plans.

Who this course is for
Entry level landscape design professional (or related industry) interested in learning how to build 3D models of landscapes to render for client’s
Landscape enthusiast looking to gain a strong fundamental understanding of Rhino 3D for landscape architecture as they move towards making it their primary software
College students looking to gain starter experience in Rhino 3D for a resume or job interview

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