Udemy Modelling 3D Printable Screw Threads In Solidworks Cad

Udemy – Modelling 3D Printable Screw Threads In Solidworks Cad

Learn how to use Solidworks 3D CAD to create screw threads that can actually be 3D printed and used in real life!

What you’ll learn
By the end of the course students will be able to confidently use Solidworks to produce screw threads, which can then be 3D Printed.
Students will understand basic thread principles and use these to create any size of thread, for a variety of uses.

You should be able to use a Windows PC at a basic level
A copy of Solidworks 2015 or older. A newer version can also be used but some minor details may be different, and the example files may not open properly with older versions.
Basic Solidworks knowledge, such as how to use the View Controls and a basic understanding of the interface. It is possible to take the course with zero Solidworks experience (by copying the video exactly) but certain basic principles may be unclear

Use Solidworks 3D CAD to create working screw threads for 3D printing! 3D Printing is a revolutionary manufacturing technology that allows people to turn their 3D CAD models into real physical items. Now it’s actually possible to 3D print screw threads that really work and screw together! Add an entire new dimension to your models today. Why this course is different
There are many 3D Printing and Modelling courses online, but none quite like this one
We focus just on modelling screw threads, allowing you to create parts that actually screw together.Taught by a Solidworks professional! The instructor been using Solidworks since 2006 and even taken a range of official Solidworks-certified training courses. The instructor currently works as a Product Design Engineer and uses Solidworks every day to design all sorts of things for real clients – no academic-only experience here!All experiences welcome. This course does assume a basic knowledge of Solidworks but complete beginners can also follow along with the video, to learn on-the-go. Understand the techniques for varied use. Instead of just copying the instructor this course encourages students to learn techniques that can then be used to create parts specific to your needs!
About this course

This courses includes
1.5 hours of high-quality original video.Additional resources such as downloadable models, made specially for the course.On-hand support. Have a question? We are always here to support any questions and take a look at your progress.
You will learn
The course covers an entire range of thread modelling details, including
Introduction – How threads are used and how to use the courseStarting a Male Thread – Modelling a shaft – the first stage in creating a Male ThreadAdding the Threads – How to use Helixes and Sweeps to create ThreadsBasic Finishing Touches – Ending Threads and other small details to improve your ThreadsFemale Threads – Using a Swept Cut to create a Nut, or any Female ThreadAssemblies, Tolerances and Left/Right-hand Threads – Checking that the Parts fit together and work correctly by adding them to an Assembly. Tolerances for 3D Printing and Left and Right-hand ThreadsThread Profiles and Different Sizes – Using Thread Tables to create threads of any sizeAdvanced Finishing Touches – To really finish off your ThreadsCommon Issues – Problems that can occur with Threads, and how how to avoid themConclusion and Exporting for Printing – A recap of the course, and how to actually print your parts
The course is taught using Solidworks 2015 but the models and resources used will work with any version newer than that – all the way up to Solidworks 2018.
The techniques used are also common to many different CAD programs – so you can learn on Solidworks then easily transfer these skills if needed.

So sign up today, and take your prints up to the next level!

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