How to Draw Manga The Complete Step by Step Guide on How to Draw Faces Bodies and Accessories True EPUB

How to Draw Manga – The Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw Faces, Bodies and Accessories (True EPUB)

How to Draw Manga – The Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw Faces, Bodies and Accessories.
English | June 23rd, 2022 | ISBN: 9798201768881 | 256 pages | True EPUB | 2.60 MB

Are you a Manga and Anime enthusiast and would like to start learning step-by-step how to draw manga faces, bodies and accessories from completely scratch? Are you looking for a step-by-step Illustrated Manual that can teach you the essential skills you need to bring your characters to life?

With this Handbook, you can learn the secrets of a real Japanese cartoonist and discover how easy it is to draw your favorite manga models.

Learning is designed to be easy and intuitive, with explanatory pictures and clear, guided instructions. In fact, all the procedures are explained step-by-step to accompany you through the learning process with the ultimate goal of being able to draw YOUR FIRST MANGA PERSON!

All you need is a pencil and an eraser!

You will tackle the first step with facial features, the shape of male and female hair, the expression of the eyes, nose and mouth; then you will complete the study by drawing the proportions of the body, the clothes and the most commonly used accessories.

By purchasing this Handbook you will discover
• What are the essential tools to start drawing your first manga.
• How to draw a manga head (frontal, ¾, profile).
• How to draw basic and stylized manga eyes for both men and women.
• How to draw basic manga mouth, ears, hair and noses.
• How to create different expressions of the eyes and mouth (e.g., fearful look, screaming mouth, cold look, etc.).
• How to draw a basic male and female body (torso, hands and feet).
• How to draw basic characters from scratch with background.

• Suitable for beginners of all ages.
• Recommended for all skill levels.
• Step-by-step tutorials on how to draw faces.
• Illustrated instructions and theory guide to learn each element.
• Learn posture and body proportions.
• Match clothes and accessories to male and female characters.
• Read and Draw everything from head to toe – from theory to practice.
• Over 100 unique illustrations to recreate with fidelity.

Are you ready to unleash the draftsman inside you?

Buy this Handbook and start drawing your first manga character NOW!

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