Cubebrush ART School by Marc Brunet All Terms

All Terms 1-10 of Marc Brunet’s ART School on CubeBrush.

Art School for Digital Artists is like your typical art school college curriculum, but with better classes and at a fraction of the cost.

TERM 1 (8h47m)
Nude Figure Drawing
Visual Communication 1 (v2)
Photoshop for Digital Production 1
Perspective 1
T01 Assignments

TERM 2 (9h19m)
Visual Communication 2
Photoshop for Digital Production 2
Perspective 2
Anatomy 1
T02 Assignments

TERM 3 (11h35m)
ZBrush for Digital Production 1
ZBrush for Digital Production 2
Clothed Figure Drawing
Anatomy 2
T03 Assignments

TERM 4 (08h42m)
Anatomy 3 Lower
Anatomy 3 Upper
Color & Light 1
Film Game Production

TERM 5 (13h30m)
Animal & Creature Drawing
Character Design
Nude Figure Sculpting
T05 Assignments

TERM 6 (07h52m)
Color & Light Theory 2
Composition & Storytelling
Mech Design

TERM 7 (06h06m)
Enhanced Learning
Physics of Materials
Personal Project 1
T06 Assignments

TERM 8 (10h47m)
Prop Design
Environment Design
Personal Project 2

TERM 9 & 10 (13h26m)
T09 – Introduction to Graphic Design
T09 – Matter Painting
T09 – Personal Project 3
T10 – Digital Illustration

Art Study Schedules
MB Starter Pack 2021v4
FREE PS Gradients
360 Painting in Photoshop Tutorial
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