Domestika Credit Titles Animated with 3D Cameras and After Effects

Credit Titles Animated with 3D Cameras and After Effects
A course by Fernando Domínguez Cózar , Creative director, designe

Design and animate film credits from the sketch to the final post-production

Fernando Domínguez – creative director, designer and animator of credit titles of films like Spiderman or Star Trek – will teach you how to manage from scratch the creation of titles at a general level. You will understand its different processes, from storyboard and narration to design, choice of typography, animation, post-production and final editing

You will begin by getting to know the works and influences of the designer and art director Fernando Domínguez in the field of credit titles.

Then you will enter the phase of ideation in which you will discover the importance of good planning. You will develop the first sketches by way of styleframes with Photoshop and you will give movement as an animatic with 3D Studio Max.

For this task, Fernando will review the basic concepts of 3D Studio Max and teach you how to create a three-dimensional zone where you can place the events (or points where the actions of interest occur) and the camera.

Once we have clear the “events” where the camera orbits, begin the artistic and design work of the different elements that make up the art of styleframes. You will learn techniques and tricks that will save you very long render times to be able to do tests in an agile way.

When the composition and design work is ready, you will discover how to position typography in three-dimensional space.

Then, it will be time to perform the final render where you will see what formats to use to export the sequence of images and what elements of the scene you must render separately to be able to postproduce independently in After Effects.

Next, you will know the tools that help to adjust the color of the sequence and you will import different animated objects in 3D, achieving a feeling of uniformity throughout the piece.

Finally, you will create different planes with several cameras, you will learn to adjust your speed, you will import the audio and you will correctly export the credit titles once the piece is finished.





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