Skillshare Plexus Geometry in Blender

Skillshare – Plexus Geometry in Blender

This class is for all who want to dive into 3D design a little deeper and learn how to create not only beautiful but also professionally looking designs, animations and renders. In this class we are learning together how to create plexus geometry using geometry nodes, how to create and apply materials, animate plexus geometry and camera, and how to use environment textures to get beautiful renders.

For this class previous knowledge in Blender isn’t necessary, I will explain every step. Just download Blender if you haven’t already, install, and you are ready to begin. I will start explaining all the steps right from Blender splash screen, to make everything easy for students just starting in Blender, but also equally interesting to students with some Blender experience as well.

Through this class you will gain experience in use of geometry nodes as well creativity that provide environment textures. Using that knowledge you will be able to spice up your future projects with nice looking renders and give more professional look to all your designs.

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